Monday, May 19, 2008


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The top 10 Sudoku Games

Sudoku Top 10

Sudoku is a crossword type puzzles that has been addictive since it hit the USA. Sudoku is a puzzle game that consists of 9x9 grids and 3x3 subgrids. The point of the game is to not get the same number in 1 grid or 1 row or 1 line. There are usually 3 different levels, easy, medium and hard. The game is so addictive b/c once you get to the medium and hard it makes you think all the more! Below I have listed the top 10 Sudoku game playing sites. Enjoy!

1. Websudoku
2. The Daily Sudoku
3. Life Magazine Sudoku
4. Sudoku Kingdom
5. Jigsawdoku
6. Sudoku of the day
7. Sudoku Craving
8. Mini-Clip Sudoku
9. Print Free Sudoku
10. Sudoku For You

For those that are adventurous and into entering competitions, here are the top 5 Sudoku Tournaments:

1. Sudoku Tournament
2. Sudoku League
3. Sudoku Time Trail Tournaments
4. Sudoku Championships
5. Sudoku Combat Tournaments

If you are still a little confused about Sudoku, don't be. It takes lots of practice and skills to get your technique down but when you do get ready for the ride of your life!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

How to Beat Sudoku

How to Beat Sudoku

What is sudoku?

Sudoku is the craze that is taking the world by storm! It is a puzzle game that consists of 9x9 grid and 3x3 sub grids.

The point of the game is that you cannot have the same numbers repeated in any given line, row, or subgrid.

What is the craze all about?

People all over the world are entering Sudoku tournaments and competitions. They win money and even prizes! Even sitting at home doing a Sudoku puzzle is a challenge in itself. The game can be very trying and give you headaches for days. Sudoku is ADDICTIVE though. When a person starts a Sudoku puzzle they just HAVE to finish it!

Get your free Sudoku puzzles here

Sudoku game secrets

There are many sudoku games out there and once you get into it I guarantee that you are not going to stop! There aren't that many game tip books out there today but I have found one that will make you a Soduku game whiz yet!

Click Here to get your Sudoku game tips

Remember practice makes perfect and the more you practice the more you will become one of the Sudoku champs and win money and prizes!

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